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Hay Day BeginningHay Day is essentially a farming game where the sun always shines and animals never falter, even if they’ve been left without food for days. Harvested crops always produce twice what was sewn and neighbor’s wait patiently to be attended to. You can play on your own or share the fun by inviting your friends along to play and in doing so build up your own community within the game. The objective is to reach a level which will allow you to purchase all machines and expansions in order to be able to produce every possible product, harvest every crop and trade every item in existence.
To achieve this goal you will need to invest a lot of time playing the game which shouldn’t be a problem because it is highly addictive. If you have your wits about you and use a strategy you will be able to achieve this goal quicker. Along the way you will need to repair the Docks, Fishing Boat, Mine, Neighbourhood and Railway to access the town. However most of these areas won’t be available until you level up enough times. See our list of Hay Day area expansions for details of what level is required for each expansion.


Game Play

The game starts with a letter from your uncle whose just retired and wants you to take over the farm and start over. Interaction with the game begins with the scarecrow “Mr. Wicker” walking you through mini tutorials with the first being how to harvest wheat using a sickle, which has already grown by the way. He then shows you how to seed crops using wheat and corn as an example. You need to plant the seeds for the wheat before you can continue. Next, its time to paint the house, the barn and the silo. You will gain experience points for completing each task which allow you to level up during the game.

You get your first present, although this one isn’t wrapped up with a bow, by removing the cover from the chicken coup which of course requires you to buy chickens and then feed them. At 10 coins a piece the first livestock you buy come at a bargain price. Go ahead and buy all six available chickens instead of the suggested three. From here, you can keep following Mr. Wicker’s instructions but wait! Diamonds enable you expand your production machines by increasing the number of slots each machine has, so you are better off not using your diamonds to speed up the chickens, they will be ready to collect from soon enough! Plant and harvest some wheat in the meantime and you will level up in no time.
Hay Day MikeWhen you get introduced to the first of your new neighbours, a stocky man named “Mike”, he will ask you to name your farm. Go ahead and give it a name, you can always change it later. If you want to you can join my farm “Candy Land” and others by sending me a friend request and/or joining the companion group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/haydaytips/Facebook.


Hay Day Double Tap ConfirmationRight about now you might want to check out our page of tips for playing Hay Day. The most important thing to do is to ensure Diamond Confirmation is disabled. This is located under the Double Tap Confirmation in the Advanced Settings of the game. The advanced settings can be accessed by touching the little gear icon in the top left hand corner of the screen.


In Game Purchases

Hay Day is free to play but some items used in the game such as coins and diamonds can be purchased using real money. This functionality can be disabled.


You must be 13+ to play the game.

What Next?

This is a short introduction and tips for playing Hay Day. Check out our other guides additional information, tips and strategies.

Find out all there is to know about buildings in our Hay Day Building Guide or what level you need for expansion items and what they cost in our Hay Day Expansion Guide. The list goes on with our Hay Day Machinery Guide, Hay Day Animal Guide, Hay Day Boat Order Guide, Hay Day Fishing Guide and Hay Day Town Guide,


Hay Day Guide

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