Hay Day Expansion Area Guide


Level 4

The mine is the first expansion available early in the game and comes along at level 4. You will find however that the smelters cannot produce bars quickly enough and will need to purchase all 5 available smelters to make it worth while. I currently have 5 smelters each with three production slots.

Roadside Shop & Newspaper

Level 7

The roadside shop is useful for offloading excess stock and generating coins by selling the produce you make or buy from others for less.

The Newspaper comes in handy when you are searching for expansion or building items or even produce to fulfill boat or truck orders. Sometimes you will also source items from the Newspaper that the visitors to your farm are asking for to make a profit.


Level 9

Special events are available from level 9.If you participate in the special events you may receive bonus gifts, coins, level points and vouchers depending on what the event is.

Docks and Leader board

Level 17

The docks allow enable the boat to arrive with bulk orders that you can complete for level points, coins and vouchers. There are special events from time to time where each boat order is worth double the amount of vouchers. This is helpful if you are trying to get enough vouchers for all the animals you want to adopt.


Level 24

The Mine is available from level 24. You use dynamite, TNT, shovels and picks to extract Iron, Silver, Gold and Platinum ore from the mine. You then use the ore in quantities of 3 to produce Iron, Silver, Gold and Platinum bars in the smelter.


Fishing Boat

Level 27

The fishing area allows you to get hold of raw ingredients including fish fillets, lobster tails and duck feathers which can then be used to make other produce.

Neighborhood Derby and Chat

Level 29

The neighborhood function is useful for teaming up with others.

The Town

Level 34

The town is a place where you can get additional level points and bonus items such as building materials for each visitor you serve..

Article Name
Hay Day Expansion Guide
A guide to the expansion areas in Hay Day.
Hay Day Expansion Area Guide

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